Mummy Zee: Woman Who Wakes Up At 4:50 am To Cook For Spouse Goes Viral, Gets Bashing & Gifts

By / January 7th, 2024

Deborah Adebisi went viral on Twitter (now called X) after replying to a tweet, stating she wakes up at 4:50 am to cook for her husband. It took a surprising turn as she received a bashing and gifts of cash, a car, and others.

The tweet featured on the trending section of the social media platform, as users both heavily criticised her and praised her after she explained that she started cooking for her spouse after a colleague brought food for him at his workplace.


@_Debbie_OA, aka Mummy Zee’s viral tweet’s positive responses, earned her some gifts from charitable netizens, while others clamoured for big brands to “do what they can” for the lady.

After Adebisi expressed gratitude to netizens for the almost ₦2 million she received, a group, @_TheSpiritGroup, volunteered to support her family with ₦1 million.

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