Is Jealousy A Good Sign Of Love Or A Bad Sign Of Overprotecting Your Partner?

By / June 20th, 2023

Jealousy is considered a necessary emotion that is in all of us but mostly comes alive when we are in a friendship or relationship. It’s an uncontrollable force.

Sometimes jealousy is a result of the person feeling passionate about their relationship. Jealousy can come from the fear of losing the relationship. This exists when a person is afraid of something big or someone better to end the relationship.


This mild form of jealousy is normal because it is connected to the love and importance they have for each other and the relationship.

What are your thoughts about this

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  1. That is a good thing coz if my boy friend is joulse about me it shows that he love me that he can’t live without me coz loosing what u hv is not possible

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