Lady jailed for murder after stabbing her husband of 34 years through heart and continuing with dinner

By / October 3rd, 2023


A 54-year-old woman identified as Teresa Hanson has been jailed for life for murder after stabbing her husband of 34 years through the heart and going back to chopping onions has been jailed for life for his murder. 


Teresa Hanson who was found guilty of murder at Hull Crown Court after jurors deliberated for less than three hours and is expected to serve a minimum of nine years behind bars for killing her 54-year-old husband, Paul Hanson, reportedly drove a 2cm wide blade into his torso and fatally damaged his heart at their family home during a row, three days after Christmas.


At the murder trial, she said she just wanted him to go away after he began shouting in her face and calling her a “f****** bitch” as she prepared a Mediterranean Tart for their dinner.


Prosecutors alleged just after 7pm on December 28, she shoved the knife into Paul’s heart, severing his largest artery, and leaving blood “spurting out” of his body before he collapsed.



Lady jailed for murder after stabbing her husband of 34 years through heart and continuing with dinner


At around 7.05pm, Mrs Hanson phoned an ambulance where she told the call handler she’d stabbed her husband “out of anger” after “having a row”. She then went on to call the police and said that she had stabbed Paul after he came into the kitchen and told her to “f*** off” and called her a “b****”.


The woman claimed that she had no idea that her husband Paul was fatally injured, even though the knife would have been contaminated with “fatty deposits” and other material from his badly wounded body, the court. She claimed that she did not hear one shout, groan, cry or moan from him. She was completely unaware that he had left a trail of blood and had collapsed in the dining room, Hull Crown Court heard. She even went back to chopping onions with the same knife.


During the police interview over the murder incident which took place at West Cowick, near Goole, East Yorkshire, Mrs Hanson declined to answer questions and merely gave a pre-prepared statement. She claimed that her husband walked into the knife after she turned round while holding it, but a pathologist claimed that this was “highly unlikely”. Mrs Hanson claimed that the stabbing was an accident and that she did not intend to kill or seriously injure him.


When asked if the stabbing was just a “terrible accident” and her husband was supposedly “the love of your life” during three police interviews, she had repeatedly answered, “No comment”. She claimed that she had sometimes looked at the representative to ask if she should say something in answer to questions, but she was advised to say, “No comment”

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