Eniola Badmus Reacted To Alleged ₦500,000 Giveaway Fraud

Eniola Badmus Reacted To Alleged ₦500,000 Giveaway Fraud
Eniola Badmus Reacted To Alleged ₦500,000 Giveaway Fraud

Eniola Badmus has come out to react after she cane under serious heat from her followers on Instagram for allegedly holding onto a sponsors N500,000.

Eniola Badmus was given the sum of N500k to share with some poor Nigerians to help cushion the effect of the lockdown caused by the deadly COVID-19 in the country and she held onto the money after the sponsor refused to pay her N150,000 for the giveaway services.

The Screenshots of the DM leaked online shows that Eniola Badmus only mentioned the 150,000 charges after the man had sent the money. She had already posted the 500,000 giveaway on her Instagram page before the deal went sour.

To worsen the case, Eniola Badmus has allegedly blocked the sponsor from reaching her.

The actress has now clarified the issue with a new post on her twitter page.

She wrote;

“I woke up to this and i thought it would be nice to give clarity and clear the air on it. The incident hasn’t nothing to do with taking advantage of people or discouraging the need to give out especially using my platform.

This particular person indicated interest to do a five hundred thousand Naira giveaway and i felt there will be extra cost for bank charges and stamp duty, which i wasn’t going to bare the transfer charges for that, so i asked he bares it.

But in scenarios where people engage you as an influencer to drive giveaways from a business point of view, then business conversations need to happen.

Meanwhile i posted the giveaway already on my page and his been enjoying the fame because he insisted i put his handle.

We all know sending money to 100 people is quite tasking, is just funny the way people are quick to judge.”

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