Who is the GOAT? Messi and Ronaldo’s Record in Final Revealed

The conversation as to who is the greatest footballer of all time has long been debated. It started before the Messi-Ronaldo era, and it will be there long before they are gone.

Who is the GOAT? Messi and Ronaldo’s Record in Final Revealed

However, it is safe to say that no other football debate has been as popular as Messi and Ronaldo’s since the time of Pele-Maradona. Both players have had their share of records broken and phenomenal feats achieved.

While both are close in ability, many people believe one has to pipe the other. Whatever your choice is, it does not matter. What matters is that we enjoy two extraordinary players that we have been very lucky to watch in our lifetime.

Here, Naijawide the Home of Entertainment will look to examine Messi and Ronaldo’s record in cup finals and how that influences the GOAT conversation.

The ability to come up clutch in decisive moments like finals separates great players from the ordinary ones. Therefore, Lionel Messi and Ronaldo’s record in finals will speak volumes as to which of them has turned up for the party in their respective careers.

According to michelacosta, Lionel Messi has played in 35 finals, 5 more than his old rival, Ronaldo’s 30. In the 35 times the Argentine has appeared in a final, he has lost 12 of them, which is 34.29%. He has also scored 29 goals and given 14 assists in these appearances for both club and country.

Cristiano Ronaldo has lost fewer finals after failing to win in 9 out of the 30 final appearances he has made while winning 21. He has scored 19 goals and given 2 assists in all the 30 finals he has played in.

Regarding individual performances in finals, Lionel Messi has a better record than Ronaldo’s 19 goals and 2 assists although the former has played in 5 more finals.

However, despite playing in lesser finals than his rival, Ronaldo has won more and will hope to add to that tally come the end of the season with the Champions League trophy still in his plans.


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