BREAKING: Teammates Beat Footballer to Death for Poor Defending


Ugandan authorities have confirmed the death of a footballer who was beaten to death by his teammates after a friendly game on Saturday, October 10. Sources confirm teammates beat the footballer to death over a defensive error.

Young defender, Churchill Owaci has been cruelly murdered after a friendly match in northern Uganda turned sour.

Owaci was accused by his teammates of committing a blunder that led to a goal. Reports say that his teammates pounced and beat the footballer till death as a result of poor defending.

Churchill Owaci found himself in trouble after the defensive error led to a goal during the friendly match. According to Dennis Onyon, a sub-country chairperson who confirmed the incident, Owaci’s teammates pounced on him with blows after the blunder.

Owaci did not die immediately, however, but after the match, he confronted one of his assaulters, which brewed a fresh fight that saw him sustain serious injuries before collapsing.

He was rushed to a hospital for immediate medical attention where he was pronounced dead.

BREAKING: Teammates Beat Footballer to Death for Poor Defending

Dennis Onyon said, “The deceased collapsed a few metres away from the fight scene and was rushed to Agoro Health Centre III, where he was pronounced dead a few hours late.

Two suspects, Joel Okello aged 19 and his brother Francis Opio have been apprehended in connection to Owaci’s death. The two brothers are reportedly part of the teammates who beat the footballer to death.

According to Aswa River Region Police spokesperson, Jimmy Okema, the suspects are currently held at Lamwo Central Police Station awaiting further investigation into the matter.

The news of the Ugandan footballer’s death in a friendly match comes as a huge blow to Ugandan football.


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