Barcelona Face Another Trouble as ONLY Messi and Few Players can Save Club


Barcelona have found themselves in more trouble and face filing for bankruptcy with Lionel Messi and a few other players considered to be the only possible “saviours.”

Barcelona Face Another Trouble as ONLY Messi and Few Players can Save Club

The club who have been hit with a major financial crisis now need first team players to accept a further slash in their wages as they need to save up to £171m before Thursday, November 5 or risk filing for bankruptcy.

Barcelona are facing a lot of problems behind the scenes especially with club captain and legend, Lionel Messi desperate to leave. That appears to be the least of their problems with bankruptcy in sight according to reports.

Barcelona’s finances have continued to spiral out of control after announcing a massive debt of around £88million in early October. The Spanish giants, who have in the last ten years been one of the top three richest clubs in the world now appear to be light years behind their pre-pandemic status. Their financial loses have now reached £443million with revenue down by £122.5million after previously reaching up to £1billion in annual income.


With Barcelona in dire need of funding, and fans barred from stadia due to the impact of COVID-19, they have now turned to their star players, including Lionel Messi as they seek to cut their wages to raise more money.

Former club president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his entire board of directors recently resigned their positions after a recent disagreement with Lionel Messi. Carles Tusquets is in charge until next year’s elections.

In an interview, Tusquets said:

“Our main concern is the club’s finances. The pandemic has affected Barcelona particularly hard.

“The club depends on tourism and now, all of that income has been lost. The situation is not very comfortable; we have to take on the ideas of the previous board to find a way of addressing the problems we are facing.”

Barcelona reportedly pay Lionel Messi over £500,000 weekly.


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