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Have A Balanced Career (See How)


Have A Balanced Career (See How)

Getting a new job requires great needs that’s why I came up with this idea to help friends, colleagues and associates in helping ?them write, create and review their CV’s and cover letters ✉️ to their best suitable in getting that Dream jobs they need.

?This is one of the templates I have used in creating CV’s depending on the job you’re applying for.

?The second picture is a cover letter ✉️written by me last week for a friend thankfully to God he got the job.✌?
If you need this created just for you.
Please for more information……

Have A Balanced Career (See How) Have A Balanced Career (See How)

Please do contact us by sending a DM or
Email: [email protected]
Call or Whatsapp: 08184827153


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