LET’S TALK! Why Are You Still Single?

LET’S TALK! Why Are You Still Single?

Good day Naijawidites, How has been your day??

I saw this question on the internet today so I decided to bring it here for discussion and the main reason I drag this question here is that I’m also single (🙈🙈) and I have been seeing some guys and ladies giving the same excuses.

But wait sef, I don’t know why some people find it difficult to understand this simple sentence ‘I’m Single’ especially ladies, maybe they think we guys are after their plate 😂😂

So here is the question “Why are you still single”

Let me answer this first:-

hmmmmm, firstly let me say because of work, you should all understand how busy we bloggers are always.

Secondly, I’m this shy type, I hardly connect with people.

So your turn..

Drop your comment below🙏