Twitter Ban Declines Nigeria’s Economy By More Than N2Billion in One Day


Nigeria’s economy has declined by over N2 Billion due to the impact of the recent Twitter ban. In fact, the continuous loss has not stopped and the Nigerian economy continues to lose over N90 million every hour.

This is according to the statistics of via Paradigm Initiative (PIN), a mapping internet freedom platform. Netblocks automatically aggregates the costs of shutdown tools and estimates the impacts of an internet disruption on the economy. It also analysis mobile data blackouts or app restrictions using indicators gotten from the World Bank, ITU, US Census, and Eurostat.

Twitter Ban Declines Nigeria’s Economy By More Than N2Billion in One Day


After Nigeria’s decision to ban Twitter, the platform says that the country’s economy took a downturn with N2,177,089,051 lost in just the first day of the suspension. As the platform’s study relies on artificial intelligence, their statistics are almost perfect most of the time. The study also tallies with reports from numerous businesses which rely on Twitter in promoting their services.

The company’s CEO, Emma Egenti had the following to say:

“Look countries like China, Korea among others have done this and heaven didn’t fall. But for goodness sake, they did it when they had lined up alternatives. Ours is just that a president’s tweet was deleted. Now, businesses are suffering in just few hours this suspension has been enforced. I have made calls round my colleagues and other related services, it looks as if a valuable chunk of earning process is yanked off our businesses. “Most times, what we do entails constantly getting in touch with manufacturers who are far away from here. “Twitter is one of the most easiest and convenient way of doing the back and forth in this our genre of service provision. Since morning it looks as if we are mourning. It looks as if we are starting afresh. What kind of thing is this? Meanwhile, Twitter is not even most affected, because most of the adverts that give it revenue are not from here. I think we should think things through before doing them” he added.

There have been several reactions to the Twitter ban from Nigerians and notable luminaries in the society including Atiku Abubakar .

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