Save Us From Indiscriminate Police Arrests, Family Petitions Gov Abiodun

Save Us From Indiscriminate Police Arrests, Family Petitions Gov Abiodun

Save Us From Indiscriminate Police Arrests, Family Petitions Gov Abiodun

Pa Segun Ajose, head of the Ijogbo family, has accused Agbara Police Division of bias after what he described as wrongful arrest and de­tention of Taofeek Ogunde­le, a member of the family, on Monday, October 25, 2021 at Agbara, Ogun State.


Pa Ajose said Taofeek while returning from Igbe­sa town, where he boarded a commercial bus bound for Ota after a visit to the fami­ly, was accosted at Onibuku Bus Stop in Lusada by some young men believed to be land grabbers who dragged him out of the bus and beat him mercilessly.


He explained that after the boy was beaten, he was dragged to Cosmos Police Station and thereafter transferred to the Agbara Police Division where he is kept till date without any evidence to warrant the arrest.


After learning of his ar­rest, we sent three family members to Agbara Police Station to ascertain why he was arrested. The DPO, Supo Saleh Dahiru, con­firmed to them that Tao­feek was apprehended by some men while alighting from a commercial bus at Lusada and was first taken to Cosmos Police Station, before he was brought to his station. To our surprise, we found he was paraded by an online media which took his pictures with handcuffs and bullet cartridges dis­played in front of him.


“After our investigations, we discovered that his tra­vails were traced to the determination of a group of land grabbers bent on taking our land at Jogbo village, near Akinwunmi, via Igbesa, Ogun State. Just about a month ago, they accused one of our family members of stealing and robbery activities, using a team of SWAT policemen to arrest him, without any substantial evidence to jus­tify the arrest with the case currently in court.


“As a family we are now apprehensive that the po­lice are actually being used to intimidate us into giving up our ancestral land,” Pa Ajose stated.


He added , “In January this year, the same land grabbers came to our vil­lage, Ijogbo, with danger­ous weapons to unleash mayhem, asking everybody to leave the land; our wom­en tried to resist them, lead­ing to the shooting to death Sherifat Bankole.


The case was immediately reported at the Igbesa Police Divi­sion, from where it was transferred to the Ogun State Police Headquarters, Elewe Eran, and later to the Force Headquarters, Area 10 Abuja, where it is till date. All the traditional rulers of the entire Agaba­ra, Lusada, Attan, and Ig­besa lands were aware of the case.”


Pa Ajose then appealed to the Ogun State Governor, the Inspector General of Police, and Deputy Inspec­tor General of Police, Zone 2, and the Ogun State Police Commissioner to come to their rescue by calling those police officers to or­der and asking them to stop aiding and abetting land grabbers from taking their ancestral land from them.


He also called for a stop the indiscriminate arrests of family members on friv­olous charges. When our correspondent called on the Supo Saleh, DPO, Agba­ra Police Station, for com­ments he did not pick his calls neither did he respond text message sent to him.