Florida woman arrested in connection to road rage incident where she climbed atop car

By / April 19th, 2023


A Florida woman has been taken into custody after being involved in a road rage incident.

Videos shared online show her jumping on top of the hood of someone’s car while goading them to get out of the car.

A man seen in the video can be heard screaming “get out the car!” While the woman can be seen punching the car’s window.

The Florida Highway Patrol announced it was a minor crash that took place in Brandon, Florida, when two people got into a minor car crash with a 31-year-old inside a 2019 Chevy Sedan on April 11.

The woman allegedly involved in the incident, Shaniah Faith Cofield, was arrested.

The man authorities accuse of being involved in the incident, Peter Allen McClarin, is not yet in custody.

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