Collapsed Building: I Have Lost Two Children In Three Months – Victim’s Mother

Collapsed Building: I Have Lost Two Children In Three Months – Victim’s Mother

Collapsed Building: I Have Lost Two Children In Three Months – Victim’s Mother

A middle-aged woman and mother of one of the victims of the collapsed 21-storey building located on Gerard Road, Ikoyi Lagos, has claimed she has lost two children in a space of three months.


The woman who was weeping profusely and begging that her son should be brought out of the rub­bles either dead or alive said barely three months ago, one of her sons whom she identified as Ade passed on and now, Sesan, another of her son has been involved in the inci­dent that has left more than 21 peo­ple dead already.


“I never knew what happened at the site, in this massive building until I got here. My son usually comes home every Sunday; he was involved in this unfortunate inci­dent the day he arrived at work. I am begging the government and the people involved to help me bring my son out either dead or alive, so that I can know my fate,” she said.


Also, another family member of the victim of the collapsed building, who identified himself as Idowu Ad­eyiga, said the owner of the build­ing is a big brother to him and sev­eral others in their home town in Ikene, Ogun State.


He described Femi Osibona as a great philanthropist who was well loved by all.


“My younger brother, Hammed Adeyiga, whom many know as Mi­chael has been acting as a Personal assistant to Osibona whenever he is in the country and he was with him on the day of the incident. We have lost two brothers in the same family,” he lamented.


Earlier, two other family mem­bers also informed Governor Ba­bajide Sanwo-Olu while address­ing journalists that they were yet to know the fate of their family members.


One Jude Obochukwu said, “My brother was still in there; all we want is closure to this case, but they have refused to allow us to get close to the site. We are in serious pain; all we need is early closure.


Also, Abel Godwin said he came from Abuja to look for his son who was among the workers in the col­lapsed building.


“My son is one of the victims; he is 18 years. I got here since I heard the news. I have not been able to as­certain whether my son is alive. I have been to General hospital and I still was not given access,” he lamented.


Earlier, Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu said a sev­en-man panel has been set up to in­vestigate the cause of the building collapse within 30 days.


He said the panel members who are thorough professionals in their field are drawn from the private sec­tors.


“I have set up a high powered commission of enquiry and it con­sists of everybody but outside of government and they have been given a 30-day assignment to iden­tify what has gone wrong on the collapsed building.


“The members of the panel are Town Planner Tayo Ayinde who is the current president of Town Plan­ners Institute of Nigeria; Dr. Akin­tilo Idriss Adeleke, the foremost structural engineer in Nigeria; Ar­chitect Yinka Ogundairo; Builder Godfrey O. Godfrey and Mrs. Bun­mi Ibrahim, a lawyer and property developer, while the secretary of the panel is Ekundayo Onajobi. And I am going to sign an Executive Or­der to give a legal backing to their composition and make their report known within 30 days,” Governor Sanwo-Olu stated.


While condoling with the family of those who lost their lives at the 21-storey building, Sanwo-Olu said the incident was a clear national disaster, noting that mistakes were made from all angles and there were things that were not supposed to be happening in a modern day city like Lagos.


“I want to also thank and com­mend the first responders that are being here almost two days now to see how they can bring out many survival possibly and it has been a difficult journey for every one of them and our government appreci­ates their work and would continue to ensure that whatever needed to be done to get to root cause of the issue.


“Since I came back from abroad where I was attending an event, ac­tive work has been going on at the site and we have created a camp where family members are to reg­ister the names of their missing loved ones and their contact phone numbers.


“It was also on record that we have asked the managing director of building control agency to go on indefinite suspension; we have to take action against the head of the agency and we are rest assured that if there are other people culpable, they would also face the full wrath of the law.


“We are still conducting a search and rescue operations. We are pumping in oxygen and water intermediately into the debris so that those who are still under can survive.


“We do not know when this would be completed, or how long it’s going to take. I can assure you we have enough resources and men who will continue to stay there until we can rescue all and the last person out of the rubble. Hope is all we re­quire at this moment.


“We will continue to do the best that we can; this is not a typical search and rescue building collapse, it is a total floor by floor, all coming down; there is no pillar in any form, it is a total drop of floor by floor. It is a very really tough exercise that is being done.


“We felt for the family, people are indeed upset and not comfort­able. I can assure them that we are doing everything humanly possible.


“What we are going to do for the corpses that had been recovered is to identify corpses. Right now as we speak, we are conducting autopsy and we believe that before the end of today or sometimes tomorrow, the corpses should be ready for pick-up for the family members.