VIDEO: Quavo and Ex-Girlfriend, Saweetie Fight Dirty After Breakup

American rapper Quavo and ex-girlfriend, Saweetie had a physical altercation in an elevator before their breakup which was caught on camera.

The shocking surveillance footage obtained by TMZ showed Saweetie taking a swing at the Migos rapper, who dodged it. He then dropped an orange case which Saweetie grabbed while the two fought over it. Quavo then knocks his ex-girlfriend down and took the case.

VIDEO: Quavo and Ex-Girlfriend, Saweetie Fight Dirty After Breakup

She remained on the floor but it wasn’t clear whether she was hurt or not, but Quavo stood there looking down at her often. The elevator eventually opened to a man, but he did not step in. When the doors opened a second time, Quavo made his way outside before Saweetie gathered herself, limping away.

This video footage comes barely a week after the two officially called it quits.

On Friday, March 19, 2021, Saweetie announced the breakup of her almost-three-years relationship with Quavo. There have been reports that the two had called it quits after Saweetie unfollowed Quavo on Instagram.

The couple started dating in 2018 after Quavo slid into her DM. With the new footage, it does appear that their breakup was even more severe than people had first thought. It is still unclear as to what was the content of the box the pair fought over.

Watch the video between Quavo and Saweetie in the elevator below:


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