Timini Egbuson Finally Breaks Silence On Ex Girlfriend’s Allegation

Timini Egbuson Finally Breaks Silence On Ex Girlfriend’s Allegation

Timini Egbuson Finally Breaks Silence On Ex Girlfriend’s Allegation


Nigerian actor, producer, and digital creator Timini Egbuson has finally reacted to the widely spread allegations from Lydia Balogun who is said to be the actor’s ex girlfriend.


The lady had accused the actor of taking advantage of her naiveness and also purposely going into relationships with younger ladies just to take advantage of them. In a lengthy post she shared on her social media page on Monday August 16, 2021, she had also accused the actor of threatening her on several occasions.


The 34 year old Bayelsa State born actor at first didn’t give a reply to this allegations. His best friend, Dorcas Shola Fapson better known as Ms DSF however had called Lydia out on Tuesday August 17, 2021 accusing her of clout chasing and resorting to tarnishing the actor’s reputation because all her attempts to beg the actor to get back with her had failed. She stated that Lydia had been begging the actor to get back together even up until two weeks before she came out on social media to ‘chase clout’. According to Ms DSF, her best friend Timini had already blocked Lydia’s every possible access to him.


In the early hours of Wednesday August 18, however the actor decided to finally break the silence on the matter.


In a post he shared, he wrote;


“I don’t normally address things as I dealt with accusations my entire career, but after discussions with my team I have decided to speak up on this issue.”

“Firstly I would like to make clear beyond any doubt that I do not condone having relationships or courting anyone under the age of consent. Rumors are rumors but baseless accusations of sexual abuse or grooming of underage women is something I don’t take lightly given the severity of the issue.”

“Secondly let’s be clear, I am a single adult man who has dated women of different ages, all of whom were older than the legal consenting age.”

“Lydia and I dated two years ago. We were both consenting adults at that time and our families knew and approved of each other. Our relationship didn’t work out due to circumstances we were both at fault for, which resulted in us parting ways. Our relationship was a volatile one and mistakes were made on both ends. Nevertheless I learned from it and I have since moved on. I honestly would like to put that chapter of my life behind me and I wish her well.”

“Sending everyone love and light always.”