TATTOO DRAMA! Bobrisky and Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Fight Ugly


Controversial crossdresser Okuneye Idris popularly known as Bobrisky, and Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday, gave fans a show after they both resorted to name-calling and exchanging some grim words on social media.

The drama ensued when Bobrisky took to his Instagram page with a screenshot of a comment the Nollywood star made days ago where she called him ‘insane’ while addressing the trending tattoo story of BBNaija’s Ka3na.

TATTOO DRAMA! Bobrisky and Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Fight Ugly

Bobrisky took the comment personal, and he shot back at Nkechi, saying:

“Nkechi or whatever your names is called !!!! I like my space and peace a lot, that is y I don’t follow people here, but when you crossed your lane you are definitely waking a dangerous python up, I know you and clout are 5 and 6 and we are both SHAMELESS!!!! So let roll d dice. Never in your life mention my name on ur stupid page again !!!!! I repeat if u nor wan make sango and Ogun strike your whole generation.”

He asked the actress to reach out to him if she has scores to settle. The controversial figure didn’t stop there as he accused her of not being rich enough to understand and appreciate fans who tattooed celebrity names on their body.


Shortly after his post, Nkechi Blessing reacted via her Instastory, claiming many messages had been flooding in for her to respond. However, she said it was too early in America, where she presently is and will not be responding.

TATTOO DRAMA! Bobrisky and Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Fight Ugly

However, the actress seemingly had a rethink and returned to call Bobrisky out.  She accused him of fighting with her because of a man and hinting at a strained relationship between him and his best friend, Tonto Dikeh.

TATTOO DRAMA! Bobrisky and Nollywood Actress Nkechi Blessing Fight Ugly


The drama didn’t end there as Bobrisky returned to diss the Nollywood actress. This time he made it even more personal, taking a swipe at Nkechi’s family and revealing her mother used to run a beer parlour.

He accused her of sleeping with men but only has a Venza Camry to show for it. Bobrisky accused the star of offering to sleep with a car dealer just to show off to fans that she bought her mother a new car.

The crossdresser continued his onslaught by accusing Nkechi of having an affair with a colleague’s husband.

“You remember your favorite celebrity you slept with her husband come they apologize. Why are all d men you post as your husband ended dumpling your as*. Da*n girl you need deliverance. Be a classy ashewo for once . Part 2 loading.”

Still, that wasn’t the end. He shared pictures of his garage, claiming he did not have to sleep with anybody to purchase them. He went on to ask Nkechi how she has impacted the lives of those around her.

He wrote:

“Let me even ask you Nkechi how many lives have you saved from dying, how many people have you helped? In case there is one I don’t know please tell me or post if they born your mama well. your own na to they shake ur EXPIRE as* up and down. Never in your life compare myself to you again. D difference is so clear and bright. I resemble your mama mate? Broke idiot !!!!! Y do people stop doing giveaway on your page? Because you be audio !!!!!! Fake life wan kill you.”

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