TAMPAN Ban: Jide Kosoko Breaks Silence As Iyabo Ojo And Nkechi Blessing Apologises

Prince Jide Kosoko has finally spoken after the widespread video from the TAMPAN meeting where he threatened to frustrate actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday in the movie industry.

TAMPAN Ban: Jide Kosoko Breaks Silence As Iyabo Ojo And Nkechi Blessing Apologises

TAMPAN Ban: Jide Kosoko Breaks Silence As Iyabo Ojo And Nkechi Blessing Apologises

Recall that the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, TAMPAN had earlier in the week banned its members from engaging the services of actresses Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing Sunday.

Both actresses had taken to their various Instagram accounts to react to the ban and emphasize their resolve not to be cowered by any authority.

In a video he shared on July 1,2021 Jide Kosoko while addressing Iyabo Ojo- Baba Ijesha matter said:

“The conference wasn’t about Baba Ijesha and it wasn’t against Iyabo Ojo’s stand fighting for the minor. There was no time we said what Iyabo Ojo is doing for the girl is wrong….. What we’re saying is that Iyabo Ojo should desist from mentioning TAMPAN and the Yoruba film industry in a derogatory way. Yes, Baba Ijesha is a colleague in the Yoruba film industry but you cannot because of one person condemn the entire association. That was why we gave the warning”

He also spoke on his threat to actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday.

He said:

“On my outburst about frustrating Nkechi out of the industry, it depends on the way you’re taking it. Like many of you said, I am not God. I cannot. I have no power whatsoever to frustrate anybody out of the industry. But it is an attempt to soften Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi because we consider them as children …. It will be stupid of us to bring them down”

In a live video with blogger,Esther Aboderin, the President of the association, Mr Latin apologized on behalf of Jide Kosoko.
Both actresses also took to their Instagram pages to apologize to Jide Kosoko and the elders of TAMPAN.

In Iyabo Ojo’s post, after expressing her gratitude to God and her ever supportive fans, she wrote:

“To an able and ever humble President of TAMPAN @mrlatin1510 thank you very much sir.
Our daddies @adebayosalami @princejidekosoko @realyinkaquadri,on behalf of @nkechiblessingsunday my darling abuts and my humble self,we apologize to you sirs. We’re sorry for getting you upset,you’re our elders and leaders,we respect you,we’re humbled before you,we will forever appreciate you and honor you”

On Nkechi’s part, she stated that the past coupled days had been a mixture of differ emotions for her. She expressed shock and confusion at the ban because according to her, she had under no circumstances,spoke against TAMPAN.

According to her the only thing she had done:

“is to speak against the culture of rape, pedophilia attitude and stood against Lege Miami”
“I have nothing but love and respect for TAMPAN, it’s members and elders. I acknowledge the fact that my response to daddy Jide Kosoko’s threat against my career was disrespectful, for that I apologize to him and I say I am sorry sir… as I was driven by my emotions, but I will never be sorry for standing against rape, sexual assault and molestation of minors” she wrote.

Joshua Ugbedeojo

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