Posting Pictures when Pregnant Attracts Evil Spirits, Nigerian Politician Says


Author and social commentator, Reno Omokri has slammed women who post pictures when pregnant, suggesting it could attract evil spirits.

The former Presidential adviser caused yet another controversy after stating that women who announce their pregnancies attract negative spirits.

Posting pictures when pregnant, especially through baby showers and the likes will cause the unborn child to have negative (evil) spirits according to the Nigerian politician.

Posting Pictures when Pregnant Attracts Evil Spirits, Nigerian Politician Says

The social commentator in his opinion said that pregnancies should always be kept under wraps till the intending mothers had safely delivered. According to Omokri, people do not need to know that a woman was pregnant and they would not die if they didn’t have baby showers.

In a post on social media, he wrote:

“People do not need to know you are pregnant. Not having a baby shower won’t kill you. Not parading your baby bump on social media deprived you of nothing. Learn from your baby. It is silent for 9 months and only cries when it is born! When you flaunt baby bumps, you attract Negative Human Spirits. Thoughts affect reality. Even God operates through the thought realm. ‘I know the thoughts I have towards you, thoughts of good, not evil’-Jer 29:11. Not everyone has ‘thoughts of peace’ towards you.”

While still discussing the issue of posting pictures when pregnant and how it attracts evil spirits, the Nigerian politician charged mothers and pregnant women to announce their births and not pregnancies.

“Protect yourself. Announce your births, not your pregnancies!” He said via his official Twitter handle.


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