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Opinion: Is Broda Shaggi Boring or Funny?

Opinion: Is Broda Shaggi Boring or Funny?

It has only been two days after a Twitter user named Irunnia openly claimed Broda Shaggi is not funny. The user even had more advice for the fine boy agbero by recommending he goes into full time acting instead of doing boring and unnecessary long skits.

Opinion: Is Broda Shaggi Boring or Funny?

Opinion: Is Broda Shaggi Boring or Funny?

The Twitter post which had thousands of engagements was supported by many who confirmed the statement.

Broda Shaggi himself has come out to reply the said Irunnia begging him not to take away his source of livelihood as he has been ‘depressed’.

With this revelation comes an analysis; is Irunnia right about this Broda Shaggi assessment? Is he boring or funny? Should he indeed consider going into full time acting instead?

The first truth about the post is that the fine boy agbero’s skits can be long. Whether the length is unnecessary is a topic for further discussion.

However, with several internet users agreeing with the post, it certainly means a lot of people think he is truly boring and not funny.

The comedian has been on his grind for years now, and if there’s anything, he is consistent. In an industry whereby a small slack and you are washed aside like a forgotten item, he has steadily produced some of the finest contents.

Notable personalities have graced his skits including former BBNaija housemate and eventual winner, Mercy.

Despite Irunnia’s post amassing several likes; let us not forget that Shaggi himself has millions of followers, about 5.4 million to be specific.

Even if people buy followers on social media pages, you will agree with me people do not buy following of this magnitude.

Therefore, if Broda Shaggi can amass such large following, there must be something in his skits that pulls the crowd surely?

Coupled with comedy, he also dances; a bona fide street hustler. His comedy may not be appealing to some, but he is certainly funny to millions.

Every comedian, no matter how funny is boring in someone’s books. And every boring comedian is funny to someone somewhere. While thousands agree with the assessment of Irunnia, millions love watching Broda Shaggi perform.

Joshua Ugbedeojo

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