Just N50k – Mechanic Who Returned N10.8m Reveals Amount He Received As Reward

By / March 22nd, 2023

Timothy, the popular Nigerian mechanic who returned N10.8 million that was credited to his account, said he received N50,000 as reward from the owner of the cash.

Chinonso Ndukwe, a pastor, stated that the young man who fixes his car told him about it when he encountered him after his story went viral.

He revealed on Facebook that Timothy complained about having health issues when they had a face-to-face meeting on Tuesday.

According to Chinonso, the mechanic has been helpful to him, and after hearing about the mechanic’s honest deed, he was impressed.


Chinonso revealed that Timothy informed him that he had a headache, and that he appeared to be quite sick when he saw him. The man voiced disappointment that Timothy had received only N50,000 from the cash owner.

Uploading a picture they took together, he wrote; “Before going on TV i went to my mechanic to ask him about what I saw all over the Internet yesterday. He has been serving me very well.

So when I read that he returned 10.8 million to one of his customers i was impressed. Today when I saw him he was quite ill . He said he is having headache. The man that he returned his money gave him N50,000.00. People can be really unimaginable. Behold!”

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