If your husband cheats, buy him condoms – Pete Edochie [VIDEO]

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has sparked controversy on social media with his recent opinion on marital issues.

In a video shared on Twitter by @maazi_chinedu, the actor stated that anyone is free to insult him about his opinions then went on to state them. It is very likely he would have been receiving quite a lot of those.

If your husband cheats, buy him condoms - Pete Edochie [VIDEO]

Pete Edochie stated because he has the longest marriage record in Nollywood, he has the authority to speak about it and give advice.

Besides a handful of other pieces of advice, the actor charged rich fathers who would love to gift their daughters a car for her wedding to register the car in the husband’s name if they want the union to last.

He also stated that women who know their husband cheats should instead of disrespecting and confronting their husband, buy condoms and place it in the husband’s bag.

According to him, if the husband sees the condom when he goes out, he will have a change of heart and come back to her.

On the issue of the wedding car, Pete Edochie claimed it was important to register the car in the name of the husband to encourage a lasting marriage. He also noted flaws in women that make them selfish and greedy.

Watch the video below as sighted by Naijawide below:

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