Although many people share different opinions regarding dating and relationships, a Twitter user might have gone a little bit too far with his.

"I Can’t Date a Woman Who Doesn't Fear Me," Tweep Boldly Claims

"I Can’t Date a Woman Who Doesn't Fear Me," Tweep Boldly Claims

A tweep has stated that he can never date a woman who does not fear him. The user also added another bizarre reason claiming she must understand that her life may end whenever she wrongs him.

“I can’t date a woman who doesn’t fear me to an extent, she needs to know her life will come to an end if she wrongs me,” he said.

By claiming her life may end if she ever wronged him, the user identified by the app as Prophet Mufasa appears to be threatening to kill any woman who does not conform to his rules.

As expected, various users of the popular app have reacted to the bizarre comment. Naijawide, the Home of Entertainment has found some very interesting replies.

Officialamubaba:“Date your younger sister.”

nnachod said:“Men with such thoughts are not to be in a relationship. Such thoughts are rooted . Why not have your spouse respect you as a man other than fear you.”

_thatdarkskinnedgirrl aimed a dig at the tweep saying: “Low budget klaus ”

jenniferunachukwu:“Some girls on his timeline would see this, laugh over it, and still want to date him.”

official_olayinkaa commented: “You be monster? What happened to marrying your best friend?”

Although he has since deleted the post, screenshots have already gone viral online.

What do you think? Do you also share the opinion that a woman must fear the man in a relationship?