Hushpuppi Lands in More Trouble as FBI Reveals More Details on His Money Laundering


Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi has landed in fresh trouble after the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) revealed more details of his money laundering schemes.

According to Premium Times, the criminal investigation arm of the US government revealed how the Nigerian was involved in laundering unemployment benefits meant for US citizens.

Hushpuppi Lands in More Trouble as FBI Reveals More Details on His Money Laundering

Hushpuppi who was arrested in Dubai is reportedly facing charges of and money laundering, facilitating computer intrusion, Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud, among many allegations against him.

New evidence has now emerged from FBI that puts Hushpuppi in more trouble. According to the investigation unit, his email contains receipts of bank logs he bought from a website.

On September 14, 2020, an affidavit was filed with the United States District Court that contains the fresh allegations. This is according to Andrew John Innocenti, an FBI agent that was trained to combat cybercrime.

According to Innocenti, Hushpuppi registered on a website called whizzlog.com with his personal email address. The website is known as a place where you can buy US Bank Logs.

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The criminal investigation agent said sophisticated cybercriminals don’t use their personal email addresses in registering on such websites, but, Hushpuppi did. He also revealed the process of bank logs are between $600 and $12,000, and payment on the website is made using bitcoin.

The report on Hushpuppi from the FBI reads thus:

“Cybercriminals who purchase the bank logs can launder the money off through various means. The favourite means on Whizz Log is to buy Bitcoins with the balance in the bank log Whizz Log specifies if a bank log is “BTC Compatible” or not. “Based on my training and experience, a bank account is “BTC Compatible” if you can buy Bitcoins from within the bank log. Some banks allow clients to directly purchase Bitcoins from their online bank account. Such banks are “BTC Compatible”. “All the credits into the account were from the Department of Unemployment Assistance totalling $7,302.15.”

Hushpuppi was also reported to have attempted to scam a Premier League club to the tune of 100 million Pounds. With the latest revelation from FBI, it looks like he is in more trouble and he will not be getting out very soon despite hiring one of the best lawyers in the profession.

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