Emmanuella Goes Global, Set To Feature In Upcoming Australian Action Film


Young Nigerian comedienne, Emmanuella is making waves both home and abroad as she is set to make her international feature film debut. The youngster will make an appearance in the Daniel Okoduwa and Mike Kang award-winning action drama ‘Survive or Die’.

Emmanuella Goes Global, Set To Feature In Upcoming Australian Action Film

Emmanuella appeared in the film which was shot in Australia in 2018 as a guest star alongside other cast including Hawa Barnes, Craig Bourke, and Felino Dolloso.

Survive or Die’ is the story of Shade, a 16-year-old refugee who escaped from her war-torn African country and landed in a remote and uninhabited part of Australia. She struggles to fight for her life in the harsh terrain and from a hunter who is on a quest for revenge over his son’s death.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the production, Okoduwa shared

“Millions of people are displaced across the globe. Many are trapped in wastelands and dead lands; many more have drowned in the seas while fleeing conflict zones.

Refugees are crossing borders making many governments nervous, unbalancing internal politics and giving rise to nationalism, racism and xenophobia. As the world becomes more dangerous doors are shut and walls come up. This movie is based on real life stories and events.

“Many of the scenes in this film are drawn from real life experiences and events. In the 90s as a very young boy, by accident or chance, I found myself on a boat in West Africa. We sailed through the Atlantic Ocean for days an experience I can only describe as hell on water. I eventually got lost in the very heart of Africa and continued my journey through central and Southern Africa picking up languages, experiencing different cultures but above all picking up survival skills.”

On featuring Emanuella Samuel, the Nigerian/Australian director added

“1 million views in just a week!!!. The inclusion of Emmanuella Samuel in this movie may be the driving force behind these high views in just a few days ( based on the comments).”

Watch on YouTube below:

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