Chidinma: Stop Saying Women Love Money, Marry the one you can Afford


Nollywood actress, Chidinma Aneke has lashed out at men for saying women love money and advising them to marry whom they can afford.

Money-related matters have been an age-long debate in relationships with people taking different and controversial views about it.

Chidinma: Stop Saying Women Love Money, Marry the one you can Afford

Actress, Chidinma Aneke has weighed in on the discussion maintaining that women do not love money an men should cut their coats according to their size.

The argument has drawn different opinions with several people advising against being materialistic.

In a recent Instagram post, Aneke had some interesting words of advice for men who complain about how much women love money.

According to the actress, such men should marry women that they can ‘afford’ as she believes there is a woman for every man.


“There’s a female for every male. Please, marry a girl you can afford and stop saying women love money. Do you love poverty?” she shared to her over 776,000 Instagram followers in a recent post.

The post drew several different views with some agreeing with her and some others, not so much.

What do you think? Do you feel materialistic women should be defended and should be left to remain that way? Do you think Chidinma Aneke is right by insinuating women do not love money and men should only choose who they can afford?

Let us know what you think.


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