Check Out The Viral Slangs And Sensations That ‘Spiced’ 2021
Check Out The Viral Slangs And Sensations That ‘Spiced’ 2021
Check Out The Viral Slangs And Sensations That ‘Spiced’ 2021
Since time immemorial, Nigerians have always liked trendy slangs, and most of these trends and slangs emanated from songs or movies.

However, these days, many of these slangs come from ‘hypes’ and social media skits. Saturday Beats dissects some of them

  • ‘Shedi bala bala’

A catchy hook that caught the attention of Nigerians through Tiktok videos practically took over the ever-buzzing entertainment and social media space.

The skit by DJ Basplit featuring hypeman, Bobby Banks, urged women to wiggle their butts. Night clubs and parties throbbed with the hook and it seemed no party was complete until the DJ played the track.

  • ‘Dorime’

A pseudo-Latin song popularly known as ‘Ameno’, ‘Ameno Dorime’ or simply ‘Dorime’, is a French new age musical project written by Eric Levi and titled ‘ERA-Ameno’.

Released in 1996 as a single off his debut album, ‘Era’ that became successful in Latin America, France, Sweden and Belgium.

The lyrics are written in pseudo–Latin language but the words have no real meaning in Latin although they sound like Latin. The vocals, which were performed by Harriet Jay and Guy Protheroe, have a compelling effect on listeners, coupled with the instrumentation and arrangement of the song. The song which gained large acceptance this year, especially on Tiktok, was said by some to be a ‘cursed song because of its possessive sound which comprises a pitch-altered Gregorian chant over an unbalanced sparse electronic music’.

However, in Nigeria, it quickly became one of the most played sounds at nightclubs.

Although most people believe the song to be harmless, some nightclub goers were said to have claimed to have an unusual urge to overspend whenever the song was played. Some also alleged that they always felt coerced to purchase drinks they had no prior intention of buying whenever the DJ plays the song. The song is also played during celebratory moments or whenever the most expensive drinks are purchased in a club.

  • ‘Small yansh dey shake’

The hype piece, ‘Small yansh dey shake’ that went viral on TikTok months ago, was created by hypeman, Emmyblaq, who is known for working with club DJs.

The phrase, ‘See small yansh dey shake o,’ is no doubt one of the most viral slangs of 2021. The euphemism that started as a slang to portray ladies with small backsides who dance at clubs is now used to describe persons who do unexpected things, especially after they had been underrated.

  • ‘You want to bam bam’

The hook, ‘You want to bam bam’, by Goya Menor in collaboration with Nektunez, was released earlier this month and is a new amapiano-version of the song, Ameno, which is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about songs of 2021.

Like others on this list, ‘You want to bam bam’ became a viral sensation first on Tiktok, with people making dance videos to the song. It can be described as the Nigerian version of the song, Ameno, popularly known as Dorime.

Source: The PUNCH