CASHING OUT!! Emmanuella, Sir Balo, Zic Saloma, And Other Nigerian Comedians Who Have New Cars In 2021


The Nigerian comedy industry appears to be where the money is currently with many comedians ‘cashing out’ and buying new cars in, especially in 2021.

However, it would be criminal not to mention the impact social media has had on the success of these artists. Comedians like Gandoki, Ali Baba, Basketmouth, Klint D Drunk and many others have dominated the industry in the past, but social media has ushered in new and talented comedians who are already making it big.

The success of these Nigerian comedians is evident the way these actors continually afford luxury items like cars and the likes with a handful of them already buying theirs in 2021. Let us take a look at some of them who have splurged millions on luxury rides this year:

  1. Mr Funny AKA Sabinus

Mr Funny announced the news of his a new ride on Instagram, sharing a picture beside his Mercedes Benz SUV.

  1. Sir Balo

Obutuke Timothy AKA Sir Balo also bought a Mercedes Benz ride just four weeks after crashing his SUV.

  1. Emmanuella

Child comedian, Emmanuella has been very fortunate in her career with several notable achievements down the line. She is one of the Nigerian comedians who have splurged millions on cars in 2021, with her new Lexus jeep.

  1. Zic Saloma

Instagram comedian, Isaac Aloma Junior has recently bought himself a brand new Mercedes Benz Suv.

  1. Mr Jollof

Comedian, Mr Jollof has also bought himself a new car this year, rewarding himself with a brand new Range Rover.

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