A 23-year-old girl named Jo Peal has alleged that Nigerian music superstar, Burna Boy cheated on his girlfriend, Stefflon Don with her. The girl further claimed that herself and the singer secretly dated for two years.

Burna Boy has been in a relationship with 28-year-old British rapper, Stefflon Don since early 2019. Pear has, however, caused controversy by alleging she dated the Afrobeats musician in the last two years.

Burna Boy Accused of Cheating on Girlfriend, Stefflon Don

Burna Boy Accused of Cheating on Girlfriend, Stefflon Don

In an Instagram video, the 23-year-old girl said:

Two years is such a long time for a person to be hidden,”

It has affected me in so many ways, and I can’t hold it any more to protect people that wouldn’t protect me.”

Pear also used two Instagram videos to narrate how she met the ‘Ye’ crooner and fell in love with him.

According to her, the Nigerian artiste sent her a message via Instagram two years back. She said she was initially reluctant to reply, but was persuaded by her friends to do so and did after two weeks.

Pearl said they started talking and Burna Boy invited her to his show in the UK, which was the first time the pair met.

“I feel like what he made me feel like when I met him made me feel like love at first sight. He just gravitated towards me, he was very sweet,” she said.

She said although she was hesitant about dating someone in the music industry, she soon fell in love with him.

His words actually worth his action. Not only will he tell me like he loves me, and other personal things, he actually showed me,” she also said. “This is somebody that wanted me around; this is somebody who I basically moved in with.”

Burna Boy Accused of Cheating on Girlfriend, Stefflon Don

She also said she moved in with Burna boy in his London home and that “he was a breath of fresh air.” She continued saying their relationship went on really well before the musician travelled to Nigeria to celebrate Christmas. While in Nigeria, the 23-year-old said Burna called her every day until mid-December when the calls stopped and she could not reach him for two weeks.

After some time, he eventually reached out reassuring her of his love and also claimed Burna Boy promised he would marry her despite still being in a relationship with his girlfriend, Stefflon Don.

She made many other claims about her relationship with Burna Boy in the long Instagram video.

There have been many reactions to Burna Boy allegedly cheating on his girlfriend Stefflon Don, but this is only Pearl’s part in the narration and neither the African Giant nor his girlfriend has really come out to say anything on the matter.

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