Bobrisky ‘Dragged’ On Instagram Over Butt Implants Fraud


Controversial Nigerian cross dresser Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky has come under serious questioning after pictures of him and Nigerian music artist manager, Ubi Ekapong Ofem, popularly known as Ubi Franklin surfaced online.

Bobrisky ‘Dragged’ On Instagram Over Butt Implants Fraud

Bobrisky ‘Dragged’ On Instagram Over Butt Implants Fraud

Bobrisky who had told his fans he was going in for a butt implant surgery on an Instagram live video he shared revealed he was getting the surgery done outside the country. Hours later, as sighted, the crossdresser was on an Instagram live in the operation room most likely as proof that he indeed went through with his plan.

About a month after, the Nigerian male Barbie as he calls himself revealed his post-surgery body. He flaunted his new shape in the posts in which he appeared in bikini. Bobrisky had also shared a video of his new body showing off his curves and shaking his backside to show how big his butt had grown. Although many social media users expressed disbelief at his claim, he replied critics some days after.

Bobrisky ‘Dragged’ On Instagram Over Butt Implants Fraud

He had said:

“Some of you here are dumb. You are looking for a very big ass and hips right? You forgot to ask yourself this question. Does Bob has many fat to get all the mighty curves you are all expecting. Am I not supposed to get something that will fit my small body? Or I should get something that will make my leg downward look funny?”

In a caption to the post, he wrote:

“Firstly let me correct this impression in your head. I didn’t fix my body for any of you here to like it. I don’t know many of you here…. Many of you just followed me here because you like my person and not my ass/body so let not get it twisted. I fixed my body for myself and whosoever find me attractive not to please fans I don’t know. If I get excess fat now, it is still many of you here that will come to rant that my thighs aren’t matching with my leg. If you are looking for perfection, pls go to the nearest mortuary close to you. Cheers 🥂.”

However, Bobrisky’s new hips seemed to be missing in action as he poses for pictures with Ubi Franklin at the birthday of popular business woman Lady Gulfer.

In pictures shared by Ubi Franklin, social media users couldn’t help but notice that Bobrisky’s much talked about hips were not in sight.

Many claimed all the cross dresser’s pictures were always edited and photoshopped and since Ubi didn’t do any to the pictures, there was no “post-surgery” body to show

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