AT LAST!! Chioma Speaks After Davido’s Rumoured Cheating

Chioma Rowland, Davido’s girlfriend and fiancée has spoken on the back of a cheating allegation on her singer boyfriend.

AT LAST!! Chioma Speaks After Davido’s Rumoured Cheating

The chef did not address the social media outburst about her relationship with the musician, but instead spoke of her interest in having more kids.

Chioma appears to be having baby fever as she claimed she wants to have up to three more kids before she turns 30.

It appears four kids are all the Nigerian chef wants and she plans to have them all before the big 30.

“I want to have all my babies before I’m 30 and I want three more,” she said in the video which has gone viral on Instagram.

Watch the Instagram video below:

As expected, the statement has drawn lots of reactions from her followers and other social media users.

With the latest cheating rumours which appears to be unfounded, it is unclear if the next children Chioma will have will be Davido’s or in a different relationship.

Read some of the replies on the comment as per Legit.

Fashion_magicblog: “Having all kids before 30 is really nice ,but the way the country is it’s kinda hard , even some people at that 30 no bf …Lol”

Niceguynnamdi: “David is capable” Thic_didi: “So 4 kids? Ah. Preference sha. Two is even crowd for me.”

Iam_stevenero: “In a sane world… Unmarried Young girls shy away from getting pregnant… Don’t really know what our current generation is turning to.”

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